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Frequently Asked Questions

A proper guide to labeling with GT Labels & Packaging.

Is flexographic printing right for me?

Flexo Printing is a high resolution form of printing that uses polymer plates which image directly on to the substrate. This form of printing is fast, economical and is widely used in the label industry.


Why do I need a proof if I've given you all that I need to be done?

A proof is a way of ensuring that your art will be reproduced according to your requirements. Your approval on the final proof is assurance that you have looked over every detail of the job (correct colors, text, layout, ect.) and approved that it is accurate. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all errors are identified before it goes to print. In the long run it prevents deadlines being pushed back or waste of materials.

Please keep in mind, graphics, art and colors will show different results if viewed on a computer display, inkjet, color laser, high quality proofing systems and even to the individual eye. The only way to ensure an exact match to your complete and total satisfaction, is for you to do a press check which involves you being here when your job is on the press. If you need to be present for a press check, as a result, more time will be needed to complete the job.


What is the maximum amount of colors that can be used on a label?

We have a total of 8 stations on our press that can be used for process colors, spot colors, foil, and/or varnishes. Any combination can be used as long as the total amount does not exceed 8.


What are UV coated labels?

UV coated labels have an aqueous finish put on them for some protection from the elements.


What is the most cost efficient material GT offers?

Paper labels are the most economical type of label because paper, unlike film, is not as durable. Paper materials include: semi-gloss, thermal transfer, ect.


What is the typical lead time at GT for a job?

Typical lead times for labels are between 5-12 working days from the time we receive your signed proof approval. This allows for efficient scheduling and enough time to print the job perfectly for you, then to have our QC team to check over everything and ensure it is top quality before shipping/delivering your order. Raw Material availability made add to this time.


Do you provide filling of premade pouches?

No, we design and manufacture premade pouches. We can offer suggestions for pouch filling companies based on the pouch type and product contents.



What is an eyemark/eyespot?

An eyemark, or eyespot, is a small rectangular printed area located near the edge of a web or design. The eyemark reader is triggered by the eyemark as the web passes by, to control register of the printed design with subsequent form, fill or seal equipment or operations. Generally the eyemark pathway should be clear of obstructing design or text.


How do I get a barcode if I need to have them printed?

Barcodes are issued and controlled by the Uniform Product Code Council.

You can contact them (937) 435 - 3870 and for a fee they will issue your company a set of numbers which can be used for your product barcode. We can then use this number to produce barcode artwork for your label. Uniform Council Code, Inc. can be contacted online via:


Can I send you containers to measure what dimensons my label should be?

Yes you can! We would be happy to measure whichever container you send for the label size. If you do it yourself, it's important to size your label so that

it is at least 1/8" away from any edges or before a container begins to curve. This will allow for play when putting the label on the container. 

A chart showing how our process starts and ends.
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