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We are dedicated to making your design process as easy as possible. Below are some tips to look out for before submitting artwork.

A checklist for your art needs.

Art Guidelines

Below is a link to our Art Guidelines pdf. Use this to look out for any potential snags with artwork before submitting to GT Labels & Packaging. If you are new and would like to submit artwork to us, all you have to do, is email the art to one of the emails listed in the pdf or we can set up a dropbox for you.

Art Guidelines PDF

Quick Reference Guide


  • Maximum number of colors for Flexographic Label Press: 8 (inc'l white and varnish if applicable)

  • Minimum type size (positive text): 4 points

  • Minimum type size (reverse text): 6 points

  • Minimum rule size (positive): .25 points

  • Minimum rule size (negative): .75 points

  • Minimum highlight dot: 1% for flexo

  • Art must be submitted in CMYK

  • Vignette (gradations) range: 1% - 100% for flexo 

  • Avoid stopping a vignette in the middle of an area. For example, a 3% minimum dot in the plate will probably print at 5-7% or more, resulting in a harsh or dirty edge. Try to carry the vignette all the way to the end of the design or hide the end of the vignette with other graphic elements.

  • Avoid making gradient blends of two or more spot colors of complimentary hues. The resulting color will be muddy when printed.

  • Typical Line Screen (varies 85 lpi - 175 lpi): 150 lpi is typical

  • Trap Size: .007" - .013" for flexo

  • Bar Code Size: 85% - 120%

  • Text should always be created in vector format. Text created in Photoshop or any raster-based program will have jagged edges, making the text hard to read.

  • If art is not submitted in outlines, please provide font links.


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